Interview with landscape and travel photographer Ryan Fowler

Hi, I’m Ryan Fowler. I’m a nature addict, photographer and guy that is always happy to talk cameras and photography. I’ve been fortunate to live on two sides of the world, having spent 10 years growing up in the UK and then moving back to Australia in 2007.

Interview with NiSi USA Ambassador Chris Crosby

Chris is a photographer and educator based in Long Beach, CA. It is a desire to teach, love for the outdoors, and photography which resulted in his role as a landscape photographer and educator.

NiSi Bluetooth Remote Instructions and Tips

The NiSi Bluetooth Wireless Remote Shutter Control is designed for simplicity and efficient use, and allows control of the shutter speed directly from our new NiSi ND Calculator App.

Introducing the NiSi Black Mist Filter

Over the past few years NiSi have been introducing new products in our Cinema range that are designed to compliment and enhance the workflow and content production styles of professional cinematographers.

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