• SIZE
  • 100x150mm
  • 150x170mm

    • Astrophotography Filter
    • Designed to make stars appear bigger and to make constellations stand out
    • The brighter the star, the bigger it will appear.
    • Control the effect on the foreground by sliding the filter up and down
    • No loss of light when using the filter
    • No color cast

    The Star Soft Astrophotography Filter is designed just like a GND filter with the effects full strength on the top of the filter, while the bottom is clear with no effect.

    This allows placement so the effect can enhance the stars without affecting the foreground.

    Some photographers have told us they love the effect on the foreground, and in this case the Star Soft filter can be pushed all the way down in the filter holder to have the effect over the entire scene.

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    Cinegear Sale 15% OFF Coupon Code "CINE15"