NiSi M75 75mm Filter Kits

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75mm Square Filter Kits

NiSi M75 75mm Starter Kit with Pro C-PL
NiSi M75 75mm Advanced Kit with Enhanced Landscape C-PL
NiSi M75 75mm Professional Kit with Enhanced Landscape C-PL

NiSi M75 75mm Filter Kit Contents

The NiSi M75 75mm kits are a great value for landscape and seascape photographers with almost everything you need to get started. Our kits are perfect for anyone who wants to create long exposure images and use ND filters & GND filters with multiple lenses up to 67mm with a standard filter thread. We offer three variations of our M75 kits – Starter, Advanced and Professional – each offering a varying selection of filters.

* Adaptor Rings For M75 Sold Separately (40.5mm, 43mm, 46mm, 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm)

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75mm Square Filter Holder

For Lenses with a standard filter thread from 40.5mm to 67mm.

  • Perfect for compact and mirrorless cameras
  • Compatible with filters 75x80mm and 75x100mm – 2mm thick
  • Slots for 2 square filters
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Screw for fixing the angle of the holder
  • Includes Pouch
NiSi 75mm Filter Holder M75