NiSi ATHENA Black Mist 1/8 Rear PL Filter for ATHENA PL Mount Lenses


  • Subtle Diffusion Effect: The NiSi ATHENA Black Mist Filters are expertly crafted to soften harsh lines and mitigate over-sharpness, ensuring your images are enveloped in a cinematic haze that enhances the overall mood without compromising clarity. This effect beautifully diffuses light, maintaining the natural color balance while adding a soft glow to highlights.
  • Blooming Highlights: The Black Mist filter excels at creating a ‘blooming’ effect on highlights, softly spreading out bright light sources to give scenes a more atmospheric and less harsh appearance. This feature is particularly valuable in scenes with practical lights or direct sunlight, adding a layer of visual poetry and softness that enriches the overall texture of the footage.
  • Enhanced Artistic Control: With the Black Mist filter, filmmakers gain control over the aesthetic of their scenes. This filter facilitates the creation of enchanting visuals with a film like feel, ideal for portraying depth and emotion, even under challenging bright conditions.
  • Perfect Fit for ATHENA PL Lenses: Specially designed for NiSi’s ATHENA PL Mount Lenses, this rear-mounted filter integrates flawlessly, ensuring a tight and secure fit. It installs easily, maintaining the alignment and quality of your images without any fuss.
  • Robust Build Quality: Made from superior optical materials, the Black Mist filter is built to last. It stands up to the demanding conditions of professional filmmaking.
  • Easy Installation Tool Included: Each filter includes a custom-designed tool with a suction cap, facilitating easy, fingerprint-free installation and removal. This tool ensures that changing or fitting the filter on your lens is quick and trouble-free, ideal for busy filmmakers who need efficiency on set.

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Elevate your cinematography to the next level with the NiSi ATHENA Black Mist Rear PL Filter, expertly designed for ATHENA PL Mount Lenses. This high-quality Black Mist filter is an indispensable tool for filmmakers looking to soften unwanted sharpness and add a cinematic glow to their visuals, all while managing light exposure effectively, even in brightly lit environments.

Key Features:

  • Cinematic Softening Effect: The ATHENA Black Mist filter gently softens sharp edges and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes, imparting a dream-like, filmic quality to your footage. This subtle diffusion creates a magical glow around light sources and a slight halo effect, perfect for moody scenes and soft-lit environments.
  • Enhanced Light Diffusion: This filter diffuses strong light without affecting the overall color balance of the scene, enabling greater control over ambient lighting conditions and enhancing visual depth without any color shift.
  • Tailored to ATHENA PL Lenses: Specifically designed to fit ATHENA PL Mount Lenses, this rear-mounted filter ensures a flawless fit and seamless integration, maintaining perfect alignment and pristine image quality.
  • Convenient Suction Cap Tool Included: The filter includes a specially designed suction cap tool for easy and fingerprint-free installation and removal. This ensures your lens surface stays clean and unblemished, even during quick on-set changes.
  • Robust Construction: Manufactured from high-grade optical materials, the ATHENA Black Mist filter features a multi Ti Nano coating for low reflection and exceptional resistance to scratches, ensuring durability and reliability in demanding professional settings.

Experience a transformation in your filmmaking with the NiSi ATHENA Black Mist Rear PL Filter. This essential accessory not only adds a beautiful, ethereal quality to your visuals but also ensures consistent, high-quality results across various lighting conditions. It’s perfect for filmmakers who prioritize artistic expression alongside technical excellence.

Revolutionize your visual storytelling with NiSi’s ATHENA Black Mist filter—where softness enhances depth, and creativity captures every emotion. Dive into the cinematic experience in your next production!

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NiSi ATHENA Rear PL Filter for ATHENA PL Mount

Black Mist 1/8


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NiSi ATHENA Black Mist 1/8 Rear PL Filter for ATHENA PL Mount Lenses NiSi ATHENA Black Mist 1/8 Rear PL Filter for ATHENA PL Mount Lenses
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NiSi ATHENA Black Mist 1/8 Rear PL Filter for ATHENA PL Mount Lenses Athena Rear PL Filters | NiSi Optics USA | 2
NiSi ATHENA Black Mist 1/8 Rear PL Filter for ATHENA PL Mount Lenses