NiSi 100mm Square Filter System

For Lenses with a standard filter thread from 49mm to 95mm. Our V6 100mm holder allows three square filters plus one circular filter without vignetting on wide lenses at 16mm on a full-frame.


Why use a 100mm square filter system?

Being simple to use and versatile, a square 100mm filter kit is an excellent choice for a multitude of applications. By using a filter holder and adaptor, square filters can be used over multiple lenses, making them a great long-term investment for use with many different lenses. The NiSi 100mm filter holder kit lets you stack multiple filters with vignetting, and gives you the option to move filters in order to match your composition.

What lenses are compatible with a NiSi 100mm filter holder kit?

100mm filter holders support a huge range of lenses with a standard filter thread. You'll find our 100mm holder can support filter threads from 49mm to 95mm with an adaptor.

Does NiSi offer 100mm filter kits?

NiSi offers a range of 100mm filter kits to suit every level of landscape photographer. Each kit contains a NiSi 100mm filter holder, adaptors, ND filters, GND filters, and a case.

Why should I buy a NiSi 100mm square filter kit?

Thanks to our practical and comprehensive collection of 100mm filters and accessories, our NiSi 100mm square filter kits are a superb option for professionals and anyone new to landscape photography. Our all-inclusive kits are just one of the reasons customers trust us to fulfill all their photography needs. Not sure which one of our kits is best suited to your needs? No problem. Get in touch with our team for all the information you need about picking the perfect 100mm square filter system.

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