Black Mist Filters

NiSi Circular Black Mist is a redevelopment of NiSi’s popular cinema range “Allure Mist Black” as a circular filter.  Perfect for stills or video, the Black Mist lowers contrast, and highlights within the frame are diffused, helping to balance the tonal range among highlights and shadows. The NiSi Black Mist creates that cinematic look and is commonly used to softens wrinkles, blemishes and create “blooming” effects around bright light sources.


What is a Black Mist Filter?

A black pro mist 1/8, 1/4, or 1/2 filter works to diffuse harsh light sources, blooming highlights and reducing the contrast in your shots to give your work a cinematic quality and ethereal, pastel-like sense of color in every frame.

How do black mist filters work?

By employing a fine layer of black specks across various strength levels, a black pro mist filter creates a glowing, lit-from-within effect on the skin, blowing out light sources to create an atmospheric bloom, and suggesting fog or mist where there is none.

Can you stack black mist filters?

Stacking filters can be a great technique to create the exact image graininess, light diffusion, and filmic quality you want. In particular, 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8 black mist filters don't dramatically affect the level of detail in an image, which means a black mist can be stacked to impressive effect with other filters.

Why should I buy a NiSi black mist filter?

With a strong community of digital and film lovers as well as amateur and professional photographers, NiSi has built a reputation as an expert in the research, development and manufacture of camera filters. Discover our full range of NiSi black mist filters today or chat with our team about finding the best black mist filters for your needs.

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