Circular ND Lens Filter

NiSi Neutral density Filters create a darkening of the entire image, allowing you to photograph with a wider aperture or slower shutter speed than normally required. By slowing your exposure time or increasing your aperture, you are able to control the depth of field and convey movement in your images. NiSi Neutral density filters are made from high-quality optical glass with nano coating to prevent losing any single bit of detail. NiSi Neutral density filters offer a true to life color and do not affect the coloration of the image.  Available in 3 Stop, 6 Stop with CPL, 10 Stop and 15 Stop.


What are circular ND filters?

Also known as circular neutral density filters, a circular ND filter can help reduce the amount of light entering the lens without affecting the natural colors in the image. Circular ND filters allow you to slow shutter speeds to capture finer details with your camera than was previously impossible.

What are ND filters used for?

Suppose you want to create a sense of movement in photography of water or clouds or shoot longer exposure and wider aperture photos without overexposing your images. In that case, circular ND lens filters are a great option. Ever wanted to create a blurred effect when capturing the flow of a waterfall or a dramatic streaked sunset shot? A neutral density filter will undoubtedly help you achieve these kinds of photographs.

Why should I buy a NiSi ND filter?

At NiSi, we believe in developing and manufacturing products that are backed by research. Our ND filters are free from color cast and offer natural true-to-life colors it's why photographers always choose our products. Shop our entire range today and start building up your photographer's arsenal with our extensive range of circular ND filters and other camera filters. Or, if you're not sure about which ND lens filter is right for you, chat with our team.

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