Trade-In and Upgrade a Filter Holder

Trade-In your existing filter holder from ANY brand in ANY CONDITION and receive 20% discount and upgrade to a NiSi Filter Holder, plus free shipping of your existing holder.

Learn more about the NiSi 75mm Filter Holder M75, NiSi 100mm Filter Holder V7 and NiSi S6 Kit 150mm Filter Holder with CPL

How it works

Submit your Existing Holder

Complete the form below and send us a photo of the existing holder you wish to trade in.

Ship it Back for Free

Once approved, we will send you a prepaid shipping label.  Pack it, label it and drop it at any FedEx Nationwide.

Get 20% Off a NiSi Upgrade

Once we receive your holder, we’ll send you a 20% discount code at on selected upgrade holders, including 75mm M75, 100mm V7 and 150mm S6.

Ready? Complete the form below to start your trade-in.

Having an issue submitting the form? Please email us here with all the details required on the form.


What Items can be traded in?

We currently accept square filter holders from ANY brand as a trade-in to receive 20% off NiSi 75mm M75, 100mm V7 and NiSi 150mm S6.

Can I trade in any brand of filter holder?

We will accept ANY brand of square filter holder as a trade-in.  Including Lee, Haida, Cokin, or any other brand.

Can I trade in my NiSi V5, V5 Pro or V6?

Yes as well as trading holders from ANY brand, you can also trade in our older model holders NiSi V5, V5 Pro and V6.

What NiSi products can I receive 20% discount on for my trade-in?

We have a range of selected NiSi holders and kits to receive a 20% discount on your trade-in.  The discount is only available on 1 item. Our 75mm M75, 100mm V7 and 150mm S6 holders are included.

Can I trade in Filters?

We have a Trade-in Promotion also running on our circular True Color VND and CPL.  Check it out.

How can I track my return once submitted to FedEx?

Please note the Tracking Number on your return shipping label that is emailed to you.  This is your tracking number and you can track it at

Is this only available to United States Residents currently in the US?

Yes, this offer is valid only to residents in the USA. The return shipping and shipping of your new gear can only go to a United States address.

Terms and Conditions

Offer available until 31st August 2022 unless ended earlier.  We reserve the right to terminate the promotion without warning or extend the trade-in promotion.  Only available from the NiSi USA Website at The 20% discount only applies to selected NiSi products listed above in the form and the discount can only be used to purchase 1 of them. The 20% discount can NOT be combined with any other discount, coupon code or offer. The 20% discount is the highest and final discount possible.  The Trade in holder must be returned to NiSi USA via our Pre-Paid shipping and the discount code will only be supplied once received.  The 20% discount and trade-in offer is only available to USA residents currently in USA. Free return shipping is available in USA only.

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