Become a NiSi Reseller

If you have a business that caters to outdoor adventure photographers, listen up: NiSi Filters USA represents two exciting brands. We carry the NiSi line of photo gear, which includes professional-grade filters, lenses, and accessories, as well as a full lineup of Explorer Photo & Video lighting, tripods, and camera attachments for the pro and photo enthusiast.

NiSi Filters USA is currently inviting dealers to represent and sell its products. We partner with camera stores and use our marketing know-how to bring people who love photography to your store for the expert advice they need.

We are also looking for photographers who present workshops, seminars, and webinars who would like to offer their audiences NiSi and Explorer products. This would be convenient for them and provide you with additional revenue. We make the process extremely easy, which enables you to concentrate on your core business and add a valuable service to your business.

Please schedule a call with Jim Reisman in our Los Angeles office to explore these opportunities.

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