NiSi IP-A+P2 Landscape Kit for iPhone®

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Landscape Kit Includes:

  • NiSi IP-A Filter Holder for iPhone®
  • NiSi P2 Square Filter Holder
  • NiSi P1 NiSi HD Polariser
  • NiSi P1 Medium GND8 (0.9) 3 Stop Graduated Filter
  • NiSi P1 ND64 (6 Stop) Filter
  • NiSi P1 Case for 4 Filters and Holder

Features Include:

  • Holds 2 square P1 filters and allows 360-degree rotation
  • Rapid mounting clip design
  • Stack multiple filters to achieve different effects
  • The case holds up to 4 filters and features a hard outer shell
  • The HD Polarizer reduces reflections, glare and increases saturation
  • The Medium GND is perfect to balance the exposure when trees, buildings, mountains, and other elements protrude into the skyline
  • The ND64 allows shooting with a reduced shutter speed or using a wider aperture
  • All NiSi P1 filters feature an optical nano-coating and are made from optical glass
  • The filters have a double-sided and multi-layer coating, waterproof and oil-resistant nano coating and ultra-low reflection
  • Works with most phone cases

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NiSi IP-A+P2 Landscape Kit for iPhone brings a square filter system to your iPhone!  It features the NiSi P2 square filter holder that supports two square filters and can be rotated 360 degrees. The P2 holder attaches to the NiSi IP-A Filter holder for iPhone using a patented rapid bayonet mount. The Landscape Kit includes three filters: NiSi P1 NiSi HD Polariser, NiSi P1 Medium GND8 (0.9) 3 Stop Graduated Filter, and the NiSi P1 ND64 (6 Stop) Filter.

Attach the NiSi P2 Square filter holder (Sold Separately) to the NiSi IP-A to bring square filters to your iPhone. To install the square filter holder, align the three bayonets on the square filter holder with the three holes on the IP-A holder. Ensure that the outer bayonets of the square filter holder completely align with the IP-A holder, then turn clockwise to tighten.

NiSi IP-A Filter Holder for iPhone®
The NiSi IP-A Filter Holder for iPhone® brings filters to your iPhone® through NiSi’s quick and easy patented bayonet mount.  Specifically designed for iPhone, the IP-A Filter holder is attached to the top of the phone, and the locking screw attaches to the front of the phone, securing the filter holder. The registration hole attaches to the back of the phone, aligning with the registration hole.  Turn the locking screw clockwise until the IP-A holder is secure.

The NiSi IP-A Filter Holder for iPhone® is compatible with NiSi IP-A circular filters (sold separately) and NiSi P2 square filter holder.

NiSi P2 Square Filter Holder

The P2 square filter holder allows 2 square filters to be stacked and rotated 360-degree. The holder mounts using our patented bayonet mount and has no vignetting using the 0.5x camera settings on iPhone.

NiSi P1 ND64 (6 Stop) Filter

The NiSi P1 ND64 (6 Stop) is an ND filter that provides a 6-stop exposure reduction allowing you to photograph with a wider aperture or slower shutter speed than normally required. Slowing your exposure time, allows control of the depth of field and shows movement in your images, for example, water flow.  This filter is made from high-quality optical glass (not resin) with nano coating to prevent losing any single bit of detail. Neutral density filters do not affect the image’s coloration, and the 1.8 density provides a 6-stop reduction in light from entering the lens.

NiSi P1 Medium GND8 (0.9) 3 Stop Graduated Filter

The Medium GND features the NiSi Optical Nano Coating, a Double-Sided And Multi-Layer Coating that provides Waterproof and Oil Resistant Coating.  The filter is made from Optical Glass and features the same performance as our large square filter systems.

The NiSi medium GND Filter is a rectangular filter that helps to darken specific areas of an image, such as bright skies, while allowing for a normal, unaffected exposure in the other regions of the image.  The Medium GND is designed to be moved up and down to control these bright areas. A neutral density filter with a medium-edged transition line is particularly useful for images that feature buildings, small mountains, and other elements that protrude high into the skyline.  The transition zone of a medium is 40% smaller than a Soft GND and is wonderful for shooting at sunrise and sunset.

NiSi P1 NiSi HD Polariser

The HD Polariser help reduce reflections and glare by filtering out light that has become polarized due to reflection from a non-metallic surface.  It’s perfect for removing glare on the water, and reflections when shooting through glass and provides greater Color and Tonal Saturation.

NiSi Pouch for 4 Filters and Holder

The NiSi Pouch for 4 Filters and Holder features a hard shell exterior and is lined internally with soft microfiber to protect your filters. The pouch features a strap to hold the IP-A filter holder. It’s designed from a lightweight material that protects your filters from scratches.

Landscape Kit Contents


NiSi IPA Holder

NiSi IP-A+P2 Landscape Kit for iPhone® Compact Camera Filters | NiSi Optics USA | 27
This item: NiSi IP-A+P2 Landscape Kit for iPhone®

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IP-A Range User Manual

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3 reviews for NiSi IP-A+P2 Landscape Kit for iPhone®

  1. Outstanding product, love experimenting with my iPhone 14 promax . I can’t wait to get more filters for the system.

  2. Really exceptional hardware quality and useful included filters, particularly compared to other phone optical systems. The filters are clear and balanced color, easy to install into the assembly, and rotating the holder is a smooth operation. It holds 2 filters at a time, though it can be difficult to adjust a GND filter when using more than one filter element, but that is probably to be expected.

    Using the iPhone 14 pro, the assembly allows for use of ND filters with the wide-angle lens without vignetting, but only just; you’ll have to mount it to the phone without a case on, and any rotation from the orthogonal (using polarizing filter or GND) will create vignetting. It is a very snug fit, so I’m not sure how adaptable this system will be to future phones without having to replace parts. The 1x and 2x filters will get momentary vignetting in certain positions, but you can work with the filter positions, nudge the filter mount over a little, or change the phone orientation to avoid the issue.

    One major problem is the rubber pad on the mounting screw; it registers on the screen just as a finger does, making it incredibly difficult to actually use a camera app while the filter is installed. I worked around this by adding a few layers of electrical tape over the pad to prevent it from registering on the touchscreen, but this also limits the clearance to install the assembly over the phone’s photo-bump. I’d expect more of hardware that is otherwise very well thought out.

  3. Fits most cases is questionable. Tried on 3 phones that we had. Did not work on any of those cases. Finally had to go to the cell phone store and tried several cases. The only one that it seemed to work on is the actual iPhone 13 Pro case from Apple.

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NiSi IP-A+P2 Landscape Kit for iPhone® Compact Camera Filters | NiSi Optics USA | 2
NiSi IP-A+P2 Landscape Kit for iPhone®