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What strength of ND filter should I use?

Use the ND filter which allows you to achieve the most appropriate shutter speed for your scene. If you are unsure of what shutter speed would give you the best result for your image, give yourself some time to experiment with different filters at any given scene. These are some basic recommendations which you can modify to suit your own style:

ND8 | 3 Stop

A three stops ND filter is good for smoothing out dynamic water while retaining some texture. This is perfect for photographing waterfalls or seascapes. The target shutter speed is generally between 0.3 to 2 seconds.

Road Trip Nisi_Daniel Tran_11

ND64 | 6 Stop

A 6 stops ND filter is generally used during golden hour in order to create exposures of 1-2 minutes for smooth water or clouds.  A 6 Stop is also great for capturing dynamic water while retaining some texture before the golden hour.

Road Trip Daniel Tran 2017

ND1000 | 10 Stop

A 10 stops filter is used during the day outside of golden hour as the bright ambient light requires much more ‘light blocking’. These can prolong exposures for up to 5 minutes during golden hour with the appropriate settings.

Road Trip Daniel Tran Lighthouse

ND32000 | 15 Stop

A 15 stops filter can be used to achieve very long exposures in the middle of the day.  With this filter, exposures upward of 5 minutes can be achieved even during bright sunshine.

15 Stop Image by Tassiegrammer

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